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  • I would like to see the real thing, do you have a store?
    Currently, only online stores are available.When we have the opportunity to see the real thing, we will inform you on the site.
  • When I pressed the "Buy with this content" button, it was sold out ...
    I'm very sorry. In the system, the inventory is reduced when the purchase button is pressed, and there is a possibility that another customer purchased the last inventory just before. Sorry to trouble you, but please contact us for restocking.
  • Can I make a full order or a semi-order?
    I'm sorry. We are not currently accepting full orders. Semi-ordering with your loose may be possible if you understand the items prepared here. (* Depending on the condition of looseness, we may not be able to meet your request.) Please see here for details. If you wish, please contact us from contact . We will get back to you with details. Possible example:[Arm design change] Twin arm ring → Hammer arm ring [Bullion change] Silver925 + goldplating → K18 (* Estimate separately required)
  • Can I order a size that is not listed?
    Yes, it is possible. Please select the desired size from the size selection pull-down at the time of purchase and add it to the cart. Sizes 14 and above will be charged + ¥ 1,500. If you would like a size not listed in the selection field, please contact us. * Depending on the motif design and stone size, we may not be able to meet your request. note that. In addition, we propose the size to be posted in balance with the stone, so the finished product may look different from the image depending on the size. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us from inquiry page .
  • Is there a gift wrapping?
    We usually offer gift wrapping that puts a ribbon on the wrapping box. (¥ 300) We also have a special velvet gift box (¥ 800) for the ring. Please choose according to each scene. For more information on wrapping, here
  • What happens to wrapping for multiple orders?
    It depends on the product, but basically we will deliver one product with one wrapping. Depending on the product, it may be wrapped together, so if you have any request, please let us know in the remarks column when ordering.
  • Is it possible to deliver the gift to the person to whom I want to give it?
    Yes, it is possible. Please proceed by clicking the "Proceed to checkout" button on the cart, and enter the details of the person you want to give to "1. Delivery information". At that time, please enter the orderer's address as the e-mail address. Then proceed with the input, and since there is a "Billing information" field at the bottom of "3. Payment method", uncheck "Deliver to the same address as above" and the details of the orderer. Please fill in.
  • Please tell me about the shipping fee
    It is a flat rate of 500 yen in Japan. Currently, shipping outside Japan is not supported.During the free shipping campaign, we will deliver it free of charge during that period.
  • After receiving the notification of purchase completion, I received a notification of sold out.
    I'm very sorry. Currently, the system is to manually switch to the sold-out display for items purchased by offline payment. As we can accept orders again before switching manually, we will send a notice of sold out to customers who purchased later. Since this matter has already been reported to the management side of the site system, we are trying to switch the display as soon as possible until the response is completed. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.
  • How many days does it take to receive the item from the order?
    In-stock items will be shipped within 5 business days of your order.If you wish to order a size or a semi-order, it will take about 2 to 4 weeks to deliver because we will make one by one after receiving the order. Also, the completion date varies depending on the product, so please check each product page. Please note that if you cannot receive the item due to your convenience and return it, you will be charged the shipping fee again if you wish to redeliver it.
  • I'd like a product in a hurry
    If you are in a hurry or have a desired delivery date, please contact us using the inquiry form . .. We will do our best to meet your request, but we may not be able to do so due to the craftsman's schedule and work process. We recommend ordering with as much room as possible. * If you fill in the remarks column when ordering, even if you do not meet the desired delivery date, if the production work progresses, you can not cancel it. Please be careful.
  • What happens when I order an in-stock item and an ordered item together?
    If there is no particular request, we will ship at the same time as the ordered product is completed. (Ordered products take about 3 weeks to complete.)If you wish to ship the items in stock first, please indicate so in the remarks column when ordering.
  • Is it possible to cancel or change the contents after ordering?
    Cancellation / change is possible if it can be confirmed that it is before the work starts. We will check the progress and contact you as soon as you contact us for cancellation.
  • Can I return or exchange it?
    Basically, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for all products. Please note.In case of initial failure or product error in our store, we will accept returns or exchanges at our expense. However, as a result of inspection, if it is not an initial defect, it will be returned to the customer.If you have any accidents such as damage during delivery, please contact us. If you have any questions, please contact us from inquiry page .
  • About aftercare
    For products with "* Size order is possible" on the product page, if you contact us within one month after purchase, we will repair the first size free of charge. There will be a charge for products that are older than one month, and for the second and subsequent resizing. Please understand. * The range that can be resized varies depending on the product. * Sorry, we are not accepting repairs at this time.
  • Please tell me the payment method
    Payment can be selected from the following methods. ● Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club) ● Bank transfer (​ Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation) ● Convenience payment (Lawson, FamilyMart, Ministop, Daily Yamazaki, Seiko Mart) ​
  • After ordering, I haven't received a confirmation email from our shop ..
    If you do not receive a reply from us within 2 to 3 business days, it is possible that your e-mail address is incorrect or that it is junk e-mail. Please check your junk mail folder, etc., and then check from the inquiry page . ..
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